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Old Pakistani Film Star Santosh Kumar Biography-Pictures, Pakistan old actor Santosh Kumar All Movies-Filmography-Celebrity-Photos

First film: Beli (Punjabi - 1950)
Last film: Deewane do (Urdu - 1985)

Santosh Kumar was Pakistan's second super star film hero after Sudhir but he was the first ever top romantic hero. His first film was Ahensa in 1947 in India. In Pakistan, his first film was Beli in 1950 and in the same year he became hero of the first ever silver jubilee urdu film Do Aansoo. 

Santosh Kumar’s real name was Syed Musa Raza. He was born in 1928 at Lahore. He graduated from Usmania University Hyderabad, India. He also passed I.C.S examination. First he got married in his own family with Mrs. Jameela Begum and then he also married with actress Sabiha. The first Nigar Award for best actor in the history of Pakistan was presented to him in film Waada. Shaam dhalay is the only movie which he produced, directed and played the lead role. He died on june 11, 1982. 
(Mohammad Rizwan Anjam, Gujrat, Pakistan).

Filmography of Santosh Kumar:
1 1950 Beli Punjabi Shahina, Santosh, Sabiha, M. Ismael 
2 1950 Do Aansoo Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Shamim, Ajmal, Allauddin 
3 1950 Shammi Punjabi Shammi, Santosh, Ajmal, Shola, Ghulam Mohammad 
4 1950 Gabhroo Punjabi Shamim, Santosh, Ajmal, Allauddin 
5 1951 Akeli Urdu Ragni, Santosh, Neena, Nazar, Charlie 
6 1951 Chann way Punjabi Noor Jehan, Santosh, Jahangir, Yasmin, Salim Raza 
7 1953 Ghulam Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Shammi, Ragni 
8 1953 Awaaz Urdu Gulshan, Santosh, Majeed, Shahnawaz 
9 1953 Sheri Babu Punjabi Sawarn Lata, Santosh, Nazar, Inayat Bhatti, Allauddin 
10 1953 Mehbooba Urdu Shammi, Santosh, Asha Poslay, M. Ismael 
11 1953 Gulnaar Urdu Noor Jehan, Santosh, Babbo, Zarif, Shahnawaz 
12 1953 Aaghosh Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, M. Ismael 
13 1954 Raat ki baat Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Gulshan Ara, Allauddin 
14 1955 Qatil Urdu Sabhia, Santosh, Musarrat Nazir, Aslam Pervez 
15 1955 Pattan Punjabi Musarrat Nazir, Santosh, Aasha, Nazar, Allauddin 
16 1955 Nazrana Urdu Ragni, Santosh, Zeenat, Nazar, Azad 
17 1955 Inteqam Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Shaheena, M. Ismael 
18 1956 Hameeda Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Ejaz, Shola, Zeenat, Nazir 
19 1956 Lakht-e-Jiggar Urdu Noor Jehan, Santosh, Yasmin, Habib 
20 1956 Qismat Urdu Musarrat Nazir, Santosh, Yasmin, Majeed 
21 1956 Intezaar Urdu Noor Jehan, Santosh, Asha Posley, Rani Kiran, Majeed 
22 1956 Sarfarosh Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Meena, Asif Jah, Ghulam Mohammad 
23 1956 Miss 56 Urdu Meena Shori, Santosh, Aslam Pervez, Shamim Ara 
24 1957 Ishq-e-Laila Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Asha, Ajmal, Allauddin 
25 1957 Waada Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Laila, , Anjum, Ilyas Kashmiri 
26 1957 Sardaar Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Asif Jah, Ilyas Kashmiri, Talish 
27 1957 Saat Laakh Urdu Sabhia, Santosh, Nayyer Sultana, Asif Jah, Talish 
28 1957 Bedaari Urdu Ratan Kumar, Ragni, Santosh, Meena, 
29 1958 Hasrat Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Yousuf Khan, Ajmal, Zarif, Allauddin 
30 1958 Mukhra Punjabi Sabiha, Santosh, Asha Posley, Anjum, Nazar 
31 1959 Muskarahat Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Aslam 
32 1959 Naaji Punjabi Sabiha, Santosh, Zarif, Ajmal, M. Ismael 
33 1959 Tere baghair Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, M. Ismael, Allauddin 
34 1959 NaghmA.e-Dil Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Asha, Ilyas 
35 1960 Saltanat Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Nazar, Ilyas Kashmiri 
36 1960 Sham dhaley Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Rukhsana, Nazar 
37 1962 Mousiqaar Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Meena, Abbas Nosha, Rehan 
38 1962 Ghoonghat Urdu Nayyar Sultana, Santosh, Neelo, Laila, Talish 
39 1963 Rishta Punjabi Sabiha, Santosh, Rangeela, Aliya, Albela 
40 1963 Daaman Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Neelo, Waheed Murad 
41 1963 Seema Urdu Shamim Ara, Santosh, Sultan, Panna 
42 1964 Safaid Khoon Urdu Rani, Santosh, Mohammad Ali, Meena, Allauddin 
43 1964 Ishrat Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Ilyas, Allauddin 
44 1964 Bees din Urdu Rani, Mohammad Ali, Santosh, Nirala, Adeeb 
45 1964 Azad Urdu Bahar, Santosh, Asad Bukhari, Ajmal 
46 1964 Chingari Urdu Shamim Ara, Santosh, Ejaz, Saloni, Komal, Talish 
47 1964 Haveli Urdu Shamim Ara, Santosh, Ejaz, Nazir, Talish 
48 1965 Faishon Urdu Shamim Ara, Santosh, Habib 
49 1965 Naela Urdu Shamim Ara, Santosh, Darpan, Gul Rukh, Ragni, A. Shah 
50 1965 Kaneez Urdu Zeba, Mohammad Ali, Sabiha, Santosh, Aslam, Talish 
51 1966 Hamrahi Urdu Khalid, Haidar, Hina, Santosh, Mohammad Ali, Ejaz, Habib 
52 1966 Insaan Urdu Rani, Santosh, Sabira Sultana, Allauddin 
53 1966 Majboor Urdu Shamim Ara, Santosh, Husna, Jugnu, Rekha 
54 1966 Mera Salaam Urdu Sabira, Santosh, Baby Najma, Azad 
55 1966 Maa, Bahu aur Beta Urdu Husna, Santosh, Yasmin, Luddan 
56 1966 Sawaal Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Siloni, Ejaz, Rangeela, Sawarn Lata, Nazir 
57 1966 Taqdeer Urdu Husna, Santosh, Lehri, Aslam Pervez 
58 1966 Tasveer Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Zeba, Aslam, Mohammad Ali (guest) 
59 1966 Lori Urdu Zeba, Santosh, Mohammad Ali, Saloni, Talat Siddiqi 
60 1967 Be reham Urdu Rani, Santosh, Seema, Zulfi, Talish 
61 1967 Lahu pukarega Urdu Firdous, Santosh 
62 1967 Sitamgar Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Rani, Darpan 
63 1967 Dewar Bhabi Urdu Rani, Sabiha, Santosh, Lehri, Jafri, Najmi 
64 1967 Aag Urdu Zeba, Mohammad Ali, Lehri, Sabiha, Santosh, Aslam 
65 1968 Commander Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Rani, Saiqa, Adeeb 
66 1968 Naheed Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Deeba, Javed Sheikh 
67 1968 Shehnshah-e-Jahangir Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Ejaz, Saloni 
68 1968 Jan-e-Arzoo Urdu Shamim Ara, Santosh, Deeba, Lehri, Aslam 
69 1968 Wohti Punjabi Neelo, Santosh, Lehri, Mohammad Ali (Guest) 
70 1969 Pakdaaman Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Ejaz, Rukhsana, Allauddin, Salma Mumtaz 
71 1969 Ladla Urdu Shabnam, Santosh , Sabiha, Lehri, Talish 
72 1969 Maan Beta Urdu Rani, Sabiha, Santosh, Lehri, Masood Akhtar 
73 1970 Anjuman Urdu Rani, Deeba, Waheed Murad, Lehri, Tamanna, Santosh, Sabiha Khanum 
74 1970 Anjuman Urdu Rani, Deeba, Sabiha, Santosh, Lehri, Ilyas 
75 1971 Garhasti Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Sangeeta, Janaal, Nasira, Lehri 
76 1971 Salaam-e-Mohabbat Urdu Zeba, Mohammad Ali, Santosh, SangeetaQavi 
77 1971 Jaltey Suraj ke neechey Urdu Rozina, Nadeem, Babeeta, Sabiha Khanum, Santosh 
78 1972 Ek Raat Urdu Deeba, Shahid, Sabiha, Santosh, Aslam Pervez 
79 1972 Mohabbat Urdu Zeba, Mohammad Ali, Andleeb, Sabiha, Santosh 
80 1973 Sharabi Punjabi Naghma, Habib, Santosh, Sabiha, Mazhar Shah 
81 1974 Miss Hippy Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Sabiha, Santosh, Munawar Zarif 
82 1976 Tallaq Urdu Shabnam, Shahid, Santosh, Lehri 
83 1982 Angan Urdu Babra Sharif, Nadeem, Santosh, Nanha, Bindia, Talish 
84 1985 Deewane do Urdu Babra Sharif, Nadeem, Talish, Sabiha, Santosh 
85 1958 Darbar Urdu Sabiha, Santosh, Neelo, Allauddin

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