Thursday, September 4, 2014

Daniela Ospina Beauty Girls Wags New

Who Daniela Ospina? She was the wife of James Rodriguez. James Rodriguez married in 2011, Daniela Ospina is the sister of Arsenal's new goalkeeper, David Ospina. 

James Rodriguez with Daniela Ospina had a son who was named Salome. Although already have one child, Daniela still look beautiful. 

Daniela Ospina, wife of James Rodriguez's official status as the latest WAGs of Real Madrid. The husband's move from AS Monaco to stronghold Santiago Bernabeu also made ​​a name Daniela Ospina and the couple's daughter, Salome Rodriguez, soared into the clouds. 

Internet world was busy talking about such a figure Daniela Ospina ayu and natural. This woman is not a foreign name in the world of football Colombia. She is the sister of David Ospina, Los Cafeteros main goalkeeper. 

The couple married in 2010 when James decided to move to Porto, Daniela was still followed even have to leave the activity in the volleyball world. Since the year 2013, James and Daniela world more perfect by the presence of Salome Rodriguez, cute face their daughter who stole the hearts of so many internet users.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kim Ha Neul Casual Long Hairstyle

Kim Ha Neul Casual Long Hairstyle
South Korea's top actress Kim Ha-neul said to have changed her hair style by cutting the ends of your hair into a hairstyle wave length shorter than before.

Kim Ha-neul agency, SM C & C has released a set of photos of the actress who was on the set of a commercial advertisement cosmetics LAVIDA by Coreana. In the photo, Kim Ha-neul looks so ayu dressed in a white blouse. Not only that, her new hairstyle was not only to make the figure look so elegant and classic, but also a more youthful and fresh.

On the other hand, Kim Ha-neul has been confirmed to star in the forthcoming film, Do not Forget Me with actor Jung Woo-sung. Their films are so long-awaited movie lovers, especially a comeback for the actress after an absence of three years.

Kim Ha-neul (born February 21, 1978) is a South Korean actress. She made her acting debut in 1998 with Bye June, and is best known for her starring roles in the romantic comedies My Tutor Friend (2003), Too Beautiful to Lie (2004) and My Girlfriend Is an Agent (2009). Kim received acting awards for the serial killer thriller Blind (2011).

Kim Ha-neul studied film at Seoul Institute of the Arts, and began modeling for clothing brand Storm in 1996. She made her acting debut in the 1998 film Bye June alongside Yoo Ji-tae. Kim and Yoo would later rise to fame when they starred opposite each other again in sci-fi romance Ditto (2000), about a female coed from the 1970s who communicates with a man in the 21st century through a walkie-talkie.[1] She also starred in television series such as Happy Together (1999), Secret (2000), Piano (2001) and Romance (2002).

In My Tutor Friend (2003), she played a college girl tasked with helping a delinquent student her own age graduate from high school, while in Too Beautiful to Lie (2004) she played an ex-convict who pretends to be the fiancee of a man being pressured to marry by his nosy, close-knit family. Both became box-office hits, and Kim was dubbed "the queen of romantic comedies" in the Korean press.

However, her succeeding projects would be less commercially successful: mountain-climbing drama Ice Rain and horror film Dead Friend (both in 2004), and TV melodramas Stained Glass (2004) and 90 Days, Time to Love (2006). So Kim returned to the familiar romance genre with Almost Love (2006), in the role of an aspiring actress with stage fright, which also reunited her with My Tutor Friend costar Kwon Sang-woo. This was followed by Lovers of Six Years (2008), about a longtime couple facing relationship problems.

Kim's next hit was On Air (2008), a behind-the-scenes look at a TV drama production, in which she played an arrogant top actress.Her streak continued with spy romantic comedy My Girlfriend Is an Agent, which became the fourth top-grossing Korean film of 2009. In 2010, Kim played a medical student torn between two soldiers in Korean War drama Road No. 1.Despite strong hype and a ₩13 million budget, the series received low ratings.

She bounced back in 2011 with serial killer thriller Blind, where she challenged herself by portraying a visually impaired former detective who becomes witness to a murder. Her performance won her Best Actress honors at the Grand Bell Awards and Blue Dragon Film Awards. This was followed by another rom-com You're My Pet, adapted from the Japanese josei manga Kimi wa Petto.

In 2012, Kim returned to the small screen as a high school ethics teacher who falls for a playboy architect (played by Jang Dong-gun) in A Gentleman's Dignity. Made by the same team behind On Air (writer Kim Eun-sook and director Shin Woo-chul), the series revolved around the love lives of four male friends in their forties.