Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Khalida Yasmin "Yasmeen" Pashto Host and Film Actress Biography and HQ Pictures

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Khalida Yasmeen was born in Peshawar Pakistan, She has been working in Pashto TV channels as well as in Pashto dramas since it's early period. She is a good sound recorder, She has worked with Ismail Shahid and Syed Rahman Shino in a numbers of Pashto tele films and TV dramas. Khalida has a sweet voice and the first choice of producers and directors for stage shows. Now-a-days she is working as host in deferent Pashto TV and Music programs.

Ismail Shahid Pakistani Pollywood Very Funny Actor Latest Photo Gallery With Rahim Shah and Latif Nangarhari

Ismail Shahid Photos with Rahim Shah New, Latif Nangarhari With Rahim Shah Latest Wallpaper, Ismail Shahid with Afghan Pashto Singer Latif Nangarhari in Peshawar Images, Ismail Shahid Pashto Comedy King Photos in Pashto Drama.

Ismail Shahid is a king in Pashto comedy drama history.

Top Pashto and Pakistani Urdu Film Titles Wallpaper

Kue Tum Se Itna Payar Ha Urdu Film Title Photo, I Love You Pashto Movie of Arbaz Khan and Ajab Gul With Jahangir Khan Jani title and actors, Sharabi Pashto Cinema Film Best Pictures, Baryale Shahid Khan Pashto New Movie Title Photo Shoot, and All Pashto Actresses and actors Best HQ images Gallery.

New Pashto Movies Films Drama Music Albums Singers Albums Photos

Pashto Arbaz Khan Film "Josh" Title, Pashto Film 'ma ba sanga herave' Title Picture, Musarrat Mohmand New Music Album Title Photo, Pashto CD's Drama "Ishaq Khana Kharab" Title and Them, Pashto latest movies HQ wallpaper. 
New Pashto Music Album Title.
Ajab Gul's New Pashto CD's Drama "Ishaq Khana Kharab".
New Pashto Cinema Scope Movie "Josh" Dua Qureshi and Mena Naz with Sehar Khan.
Jahangir Khan Jani, Arbaz Khan and Ajab Gul's New pashto film "Josh" Title. 
Ma Ba Sanga Herave Pashto Best Moive of 2010 title.

Pashto Celebrity Star Arbaz Khan New Images Gallery with Ajab Gul and Pashto Female Models

Arbaz Khan and Ajab Gul both are Pakistani film actors and drama actors too. Arbaz Khan is working in Pakistani movies such as Urdu and Punjabi. But currently he focused on Pashto cinema.
Pashto film and drama actor Ajab Gul is making movies in Pashto (Pollywood) film industry as director and he made a film (Ma Ba sanga herave) in 2010, and that was a popular film on box office. So We are expecting that Ajab Gul will make more good and unique movies in Pashto language.

Ajab Gul is the best actor of Pashto cinema. He well known as actin hero.

Shahid Khan Pashto Film Action Hero With Ajab Gul HQ Photo Shoots in Movie

Ajab Gul and Shahid Khan both are Pashto film stars and very popular in Pakistan, specially in Pashto speakers. These are new pictures of them on this page. I'm happy now, because I'm getting new and unique pictures of Pakistani actors especially, of Pashto film stars and I'm going to publish them on my this blog for you people, and I hope you will like it and will give comments.

Super Star Ajab Gul and Shahid Khan 2011 Pashto Drama Actions and Latest Photos with Mena Naz Pashto Film Hot Dancer

Ajab Gul and Shahid Khan are in Pashto movie "Gul Sory sory Kram" was released in 2010, Shahid Khan and Ajab Gul was included in that movie and Mena Naz, Sehar Khan and Dua Qureshi were the actresses of that Pashto block baster movie. These are the high quality result pictures of that movie.

 Ajab Gul with Mena Naz in Wedding scene in Pashto cinema scope film.

Dua Qureshi Pakistani Pashto Punjabi Doll Hot Film Dancing HQ Wallpaper

Dua Qureshi stills, Dua Qureshi in Bikini photo, Pakistani punjabi mujra stage dancer Dua Qureshi well, Dua Qureshi new pashto model image gallery 2011, Dua Qureshi best picture collection.
Dua Qureshi is performing in Pashto Drama in Green Saree, She is looking very cute in these clothes.

Pakistani Pashto Block Baster Actor Ajab Gul Latest Pics Gallery with Dua Qureshi

Ajab Gul New Styles in pashto drama, Ajab gul with Dua qureshi wallpaper, Dua qureshi hot styles in Pashto drama, Pashto star Ajab Gul Best Pose with Dua Qureshi Punjabi dancer. Dua Qureshi in wedding scene in Pashto tele film, Ajab Gul Dua qureshi and Muhammad Hussain Swati Drama Shooting Photos. 
Ajab Gul is the top actor of Pakistani cinema, but especially he is very famous in Pashto drama and movies in now-a-days. He is working in dozens of Pashto tele films in these days. His pair is going top with Punjabi spoken Pakistan actress Dua Qureshi.