Friday, September 13, 2013

Ersela KURTI Beauty Fashion Miss World

Ersela was born and raised in Albania's capital city Tirana. Currently studying for her Master's Degree, Ersela is a student of Law. In between her studies, she works as a dancer on television productions with future ambitions of becoming a presenter. She describes herself as “friendly and outgoing, but ambitious and able to work hard to achieve my goals”. Her hobbies include dancing, swimming and motorsports.

From childhood, I had a belief in kindness and I think that beauty and kindness go together. That's why I hope that through my studies in the field of Law, I can bring some softness to the roughness of justice. As Dostoyevsky used to say, "Beauty will save the world." In this competition I feel involved not only as a person, but together with my I hold the culture and customs of my country.

Indeed, Ersela has all the beauty she needs in order to be on the top. But like her predecessors, none of which landed in the semis of Miss World, their beauty is not enough to gain traction at Miss World. It is important for Ersela to focus on the Beauty with a Purpose element of the pageant seeing that beauty-wise, she has it all.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wei Wei YU Miss World China PR Beauty Fashion

Wei Wei was born and raised in Xi’an, the capital of Shaan Xi Province, an area she describes as steeped in rich cultural heritage. Wei Wei majored in Music at university and is an accomplished Piano player as well as an operatic singer. Her hobbies include painting and calligraphy, and she plays Taekwondo. Wei Wei has ambitions of becoming a fashion designer in the future, with hopes of starting her own brand. Her favourite cuisine is nearby Sichuan Province’s famous hotpot.

For me, the Miss World Pageant has a special meaning. In 2009, because I had participated in the Miss World pageant I was able to raise over 50 thousand US dollars to help rebuild a school destroyed in a mudslide near my hometown. Two years later I volunteered as an art and music teacher in a small primary school in the mountains of southwestern China. I leveraged my participation in the Miss World to create a documentary drawing attention to the need for more teachers in remote schools. I’m here now in Indonesia as Miss China with a simple purpose, to stand on a larger platform where I can inspire and empower - on a global scale – young women like myself to help children in need."